I've taken and gone to many SEO related educational opportunities. The SEO workshop provided a good pace and very relevant information. Keep up the Good work.

Keep up the Good work
Robert Stolarczuk
SEO Workshop Attendee

Instant-E-Training and Bob Tripathi provided the best seminar/workshop/webinar series I have attended online. The topic was "Social Media for Business" and the content and speakers presented an incredible wealth of information. They knew their stuff and were willing to share it. I would highly recommend this for other professionals looking for current, relevant social media information.

Best online training
Julie Snow
Social Media Workshop Attendee

Thank you for sending the SEO Certificate of Completion. The Certification Badge looks really impressive. I enjoyed and learned a lot in the training sessions.They were well organized and conducted. The knowledge shared by the Industry experts was up to date. The supporting training videos helped me understand the topic in depth. I feel fortunate to be a part of the team. I would also like to mention that Bob is a perfect host.

Very well organized
Smita Pise
SEO Workshop Attendee

Great teachers, great material, what else can you ask from a workshop?

Great teachers, great material
Agnes Donnadieu
SEO Workshop Attendee

I had a great time doing the Instant E-Training social media training! I hope they continue to do this again! :)

Had a great time
Michelle Burke
Social Media Workshop Attendee

This is a must take comprehensive workshop on SEO. The workshop offers a good overview on all aspects of online marketing to help your SEO efforts. You will come away with great nuggets to improve your search efforts.

Comprehensive workshop on SEO
Cindy Yerkie
SEO Workshop Attendee

If you're hunting for a course that will challenge you and give you all the information you need to get started with SEO then be sure to check out Instant-E-Training Courses. Bob Tripathi is extremely knowledgeable in the SEO Industry and offers a wide array of Online Marketing and Website development training programs. All the tools are at your fingertips with free resources, videos and educational materials provided on their website. They are partnered with Industry Experts and will be sure to give you everything you desire in an online training program. Don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.

A course that will challenge you
Jennifer Cluff
SEO Workshop Attendee

Heavy on insight and light on fluff. This is exactly what you need in an online certification program dealing with Facebook, SEO, or social media in general. I highly recommend Instant E-Training to anyone wishing to move forward in any of these areas.

Heavy on insight
Benin Brown
Facebook Training Attendee

The Facebook Intensive Program was exactly what I was looking for in a professional online course I could apply to my work. The program presented experts who could deliver the full scope of information clearly, a well-planned schedule that moved at a good pace, flexibility and access to great materials/resources and ample time after the program to review and refer back to videos, workshops and resources. I definitely recommend this program and other social media for business programs offered by Instant E-Training.

Course I could apply to my work
Marissa Plumb
Facebook Training Attendee

A very useful course that let me focus on the most important topics and tools concerning Facebook and Social Media in general.

A very useful course
Pamela Simonotto
Facebook Training Attendee

I was blown away with the experts, the content and what I learned. So much valuable info to propel us in the social media age. I feel so much more confident. Worth every penny! Thank you.

Worth every penny!
Christine Paquet
Facebook Training Attendee

Instant E-Training offers you a backstage pass to all of the movers and shakers in social media. The presenters know their stuff backwards and forwards, and you get to learn by virtually sitting at their feet and asking all the questions you have been pondering.

Backstage pass to all movers and shakers
Sheri Booms Holm
Social Media for Business Attendee

Instant E-Training Social Media Certification program was a great experience. Team based project worked great due to my wonderful team members. I have learned many new things and it helped me improve social media strategy planning in my company. It is an experience that I would always recommend to people interesting in social media.

My highest recommendation
Social Media for Business Attendee

I went into the course knowing very little about Social Media and now I feel more confident about understanding and using Social Media. It was great learning from the best in the field.

Great learning from the best
Jill Hamilton
Social Media for Business Attendee

Instant E-Training was a dynamic experience, if you can imagine a master's level style program with the leaders of each industry giving you insight and tips to develop a detailed social media business plan your in the right place!

A master’s level style program!
Tara Farnsworth
Social Media for Business Attendee

I'm glad I had the opportunity to take the Instant E-Training social marketing course. I was able to connect with social marketing 'greats' in class as well as connect with them outside of class via Facebook and Twitter. I also have made long-lasting friendships with my team. We are conjuring up ways in which to collaborate on projects on an international basis now. I'm very excited and none of this would have been possible without this class. I was able to fine-tune my existing knowledge of social marketing and now, I'll be working on refining my packages, service offerings and taking my business to a higher level...just in time for celebrating being in business 10 years on January 2013.

Taking my business to a higher level
Michelle Ulrich
Social Media for Business Attendee

Having not fully grasped the specifics of social media, I learned a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time and have now been able to put this experience to use for my company.

Putting to use for my company
Jennifer Whitlock
Social Media for Business Attendee

I really appreciate the depth and considerable detail you've put into this course, not to mention the thecalibre of speaker you've chosen and successfully harnessed to chat live with us. This is social media training done right. It was only been a couple of weeks but my experience has lead to a level of engagement with social that I could not otherwise have achieved through self teaching. I'll be coming back to Instant e-training again and again.

This is social media training done right
Social Media for Business Attendee

Instant E-Training made it possible for me to work full time, and receive the additional education I was in need of. When I graduated college with my Advertising Degree in 2008, a lot of the Social Media world wasn't as prominent as it is today. I took this class to further my education, understanding, and knowledge of Social Media in hopes to find job in this booming industry. This training allowed me to access the recordings and mentoring sessions on my own time, when it was convenient for me. I definitely learned a ton of cool stuff I never even knew existed! Thank you Instant E-Training.

Learned ton of cool stuff!
Tina Hove
Social Media for Business Attendee

Incredible amount of information.Practical and pragmatic. Not just theory. Hands on practice was invaluable. Definitely worth the cost. I hope I am able to retain and put it in to practice

Definitely worth the cost!
Breffni Fox
Social Media for Business Attendee

This course provided me with a very thorough understanding of social marketing and all networks and tools available. Topics covered are relevant, and the access to some of the best thought leaders in social media is a bonus. I have already been able to secure several freelance jobs as a result of my ability to articulate the need and value of social strategies to solopreneurs and small business owners. I look forward to other courses. Congratulations to Bob Tripathi, the Instant e-Learning faculty and the team!

Training got me new clients!
Charmaine Chin
Social Media for Business Attendee

I have to tell you that receiving my certificate in the mail today was the highlight of my day. I was so happy I kissed my certificate...as you can see. Instant E-Training was a fantabulous experience. Thank you Bob and Samantha (and all the other spectacular speakers) for a wealth of knowledge.

I got a wealth of knowledge!
Social Media for Business Attendee

Thanks to everyone at Instate E Training, presenters, team mates, and all participants. It was a great experience.

Thank you Instant E-Training crew!
Cynthia Glimpse
Social Media for Business Attendee

I am proud to announce that i am Social Media Certified Strategist now!

Love my certificate!
Nancy Heltman
Social Media for Business Attendee

Got my certificate of achievement for social media certification project today! Yay! Frankly, it rivals my college diploma for looks. Thanks, Instant E-Training!

“Certification rivals my college diploma”
Sheri Booms Holm
Social Media for Business Attendee

I recently completed the online Instant E-Training SEO Training Workshop. At first I was apprehensive in signing up for the course as I wasn't sure if this would be a workshop that would only provided half-baked information. Was I pleasantly wrong. Bob Tripathi and his guest speakers provided such a wealth of SEO information that I was overwhelmed. The presentations provided to you at the end of the course are worth their weight in gold, as you'll learn so much about best practices, tactics, strategies to start an SEO program at your workplace, and so much more. I've gone back to review the video presentations from the guest speakers several times, and found them to be a added value to what I got out of the workshop. I strongly endorse the Instant E-Training SEO Training Workshop to anyone.

Worth their weight in gold
Rick Barron
SEO Workshop Attendee

I gained a lot of value from Instant E Training’s SEO on-line Work shop. I gained a lot of information on site architecture, on-site SEO, link building, and analytical tools, and each speaker took a lot of time to answer questions at the end of the lesson as well as on the Q&A section of the site. In addition to the classes their offering of resources on the website was also vast and informative. I plan to take additional training courses with them and recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve their understanding of SEO.” Thank You!

SEO Training Testimonial
Indiana Jones
Co-Founder Director

Thank you so much! I am working in online marketing, I have some experience in Social Media, but I learnt how to do it right, the workflows, and all that a real consultant/specialist in digital marketing needs to know. Congratulations, I will sign in for the next workshop!

“Learned to do it right!”
Lissie Anderson
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