How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate with Better CTA Design

How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate with Better CTA Design

Are your CTAs performing as well as you would like them to be? Are they assisting your lead and customer conversion efforts, or are they just harming them? Despite that a CTA is one of the simplest components of any complete inbound marketing strategy, it has one of the most important jobs!

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In this training video on Call-To-Action (CTA) Design, you will learn how optimizing the design of your call-to-actions can assist your lead and conversion efforts.

  • What is a CTA?
  • How are your CTAs performing?
  • Where do you place CTAs?


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Oren Smith
Oren Smith

Oren Smith is an Inbound Marketing Specialist for Precision Marketing Group – an outsourced marketing agency and HubSpot Certified Gold Partner based in Framingham, MA.

Oren works with a wide range of clients for which he establishes and manages quarterly editorial content calendars, creates copy and content for new lead generating offers and revitalizes & manages all PMG social media accounts.


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