Google Analytics for SEO

Google Analytics for SEO

More often than not, most problems find their way back to the start of SEO campaigns when setting expectations through KPIs and solid project management can set the scene for a long and fruitful relationship. This video will discuss both project management and KPIs.

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In this training video on Google Analytics and SEO, you will learn how to define strong KPIs for SEO that are achievable and communicate genuine value.

  • Why you should set KPIs
  • What makes a good KPI
  • KPI criteria
  • Tying KPIs to business objectives
  • Building reporting around KPIs


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Jon Quinton
Jon Quinton

Jon Quinton is Agency Director at Builtvisible, an agency of people who love SEO, search, strategy and creating content that communicates ideas and builds brands. Jon responsible for the day to day operations of the agency and business development.



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