Flirting With The Uninterested: Advanced Customer Acquisition

Flirting With The Uninterested: Advanced Customer Acquisition

Some of the common challenges that marketers face include not knowing why people don't buy, not knowing how to extract sales from bounces and not knowing where the best opportunities are. This video will help you beat all of these challenges by explaining the latest and best conversion tactics you can use.


Product Description

In this training video on Customer Acquistion, you will learn how to turn totally uninterested visitors into customers.

  • Rediscover your hidden customer base
  • Customer acquisition and scaling process
  • Advanced conversion tactics
  • Advanced processes and funnels


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Clayton Wood
Clayton Wood

Clayton is a Marketing Director and managing partner of numerous successful online marketing brands. His most recent endeavor is founder and CEO of Identity Labs, a platform that connects brands with customers through integrated behavioral tracking and analytics.

Clayton’s been in the digital marketing, coaching, personal branding and search engine optimization industry for over 8 years and is passionate about communicating the impact that technology has in online marketing, and how inbound marketing helps small and large businesses achieve their goals for themselves, their families and their communities.




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