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7 Reasons to Attend Social Media for Business Training Workshop

It’s been an exciting 2011 for us here at Instant E-Training with all the great learning we have conducted so far starting with our SEO Training Workshop and now announcing our “Social Media for Business” training workshop starting on May 25. We have designed the program from the ground up keeping the learners in mind. As a result we designed the training workshop agenda first and then invited subject matters experts that can deliver top notch training on a specific topic. As we like to call it here:
This is not an online seminar; this is not an online conference or “summit” but a structured Social Media training workshop!

Topics that you can learn & monetize:
As I said we have designed this Social Media training workshop keeping the social media learner in mind. As such, our sessions start with Social Media Strategy in 8 steps and dive deeper into social media platforms from there on. Other social media topics we would be covering are managing your online reputation, Facebook marketing strategy for business, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn power user tips, Youtube & Video marketing, Location based social media marketing, and finally SEO & Social Media. As you can see with these topics we cover the whole gamut of social media marketing. But that’s not all as we have some super bonus sessions planned and will be announced soon.

Social Media Experts
Strategy + How-to = Execution
I am sure we have all attended social media conferences where the speakers heads are up in the clouds and talking about social media rainbows and unicorns (as our expert Dan Zarrella likes to call it) and dishing out advice like hug your customer today! Well, somehow the reality is different and top level theories sometimes just don’t cut it. This is why we have designed this 5 week training workshop that blends Strategy sessions with How to sessions to help you execute your social media programs smoothly.

Top-Notch Social Media Authors & Experts
We designed this program from the ground up and then chose the best thought leader and expert that would do justice to the topic. As such we have the leading social media thought leaders on board who are experts based on the extensive body of work and real-world experience. Here is what each each of our expert will lead:

  • Dan Zarrella, Author and Social Media “scientist” will lead Facebook Marketing for Business session on June 3rd, 2011
  • Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day, will be leading our Twitter Marketing session on June 8th, 2011
  • Greg Jarboe, Author of YouTube & Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, will surely blow us away with his workshop on June 10th 2011
  • Krista Neher, Author of Social Media Field Guide and a top rated SXSW speaker will be starting us off with Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps on May 25th, 2011
  • Fionn Downhill, CEO of Elixir Interactive with her wide array of in-the-trenches experience will be guiding us on the Managing Your Online Reputation session on June 1st, 2011
  • Simon Salt, Author of Social Location Marketing, will be helping us stay on top with all that is buzzing with location based marketing on June 18th, 2011
  • Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder of Social Media Club Chicago, will be mesmerizing us with new ways to use LinkedIn on June 15th, 2011
  • Last but certainly not the least, Author of the widely read “The Art of SEO” book Eric Enge will be training us on SEO for Social Media on June 22nd, 2011.

After completing our Social Media training workshop all attendees will receive a certificate of completion. Even though certification is a topic of intense debate in the industry but certification proves that you have completed a level of coursework and were trained by leading social media experts. If you are out in the job market then we are sure that the hiring manager would recognize our social media experts and that in itself lends credibility.

social media certificate
Interactive Platform
We agree that online training can get quite boring at times as you cannot see the trainer and with little to no interactivity. This is why we have chosen a platform where our attendees can see our trainers in a live streaming video and also make use of live chat, live audio features for interactivity. Here is a little peek into what you can expect:

Social Media Training Workshop

Student Support
We understand that there are always lots of questions when learning new skills especially Social Media. To go along with formal workshop sessions, we have also created a special member’s area on our site where attendees can ask any question related to our training. This Q & A support fast tracks learning and our past workshop attendees have found this a very helpful.
Bonus Goodies

To supplement our training workshop we have also created a special access to our library of training videos. These training videos will train you in other cross-functional fields like SEO, Web Usability, Link Building. These training videos are valued at over $899.
For a limited time, we are also offering Simon Salt’s Social Location Marketing free to early registrations.
All in all you get all the above listed benefits and not to mention great training at a great low price.

Still on the fence?

Well, we have an early-bird price of $299 just for you.Get started today with “Social Media for Business” Training Workshop

April 11, 2011

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  1. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so it must be pretty easy. But managing social media for you business is a completely different ball game.There are strategies and techniques that keep you out of trouble and on top of your game. Great post, I’m sure the conference was a big success.

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