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Instant E-Training provides online training in Digital Marketing, including Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). We work with leading industry experts to offer several training solutions: a 300+ on-demand video library, webinars, web conferences, and certifications. We help marketers gain a competitive edge by teaching the most up to date best practices and tactics for all aspects of digital marketing.


Care to know our story? Read on…

In 2000, most marketers used trial and error method (and many still do) especially when it came to Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click. The tactics that worked then became best practices. One of those marketers was Bob Tripathi who started his first business right out of college — a training and a web development business building e-commerce sites with marketing services as the backbone.

Fast forward some years later and with remote team members, Bob created a primitive training video on SEO to train employees located in different continents. Along the way, Bob started thinking more about the future of online training. Then a few full-time gigs at large national brands like Discover Financial Services and Sears Corporation further saw Bob training hundreds of employees internally on SEO, PPC and Social Media best practices. This produced the perfect “aha” moment where Bob realized he could combine his passion for education with his expertise in Digital Marketing. The idea for Instant E-Training was born.

After an initial training prototype was created, Bob reached out to his industry contacts, including SEO expert Eric Enge. Together they created the first set of training videos on SEO in 2011. Building on that Instant E-Training started expanding on other areas and developing new training videos in Social Media, Web Analytics, and Pay-Per-Click. Instant E-Training now has training programs in all areas of digital marketing.

As per the original vision, Instant E-Training was born out of a need to create an online repository in the form of online training videos that helps marketers to learn and implement the latest digital marketing tactics. We remain true to our raison d’etre:

  • Convenient: Learn at your pace
  • Flexible: Choose training that fits your skills level
  • Collaborative: Connect with industry experts

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